Technical Articles

These technical pages are about central heating systems and gas boiler servicing. Click the link to go to the article.

Carbon Monoxide

Gas, oil, solid fuel, barbecues and candles. Any carbon based fuel burnt badly can be dangerous but there are things we can do.


A quick look at what happens, what goes into the boiler and what comes out of the flue.

Efficiency, Gross and Net

Why do we have two different measures of efficiency? Find out which is which and how to use them.

High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency Boilers

The basic difference between HE and SE boilers; how much they save and how much they waste.

Radiator Balancing

The explanation takes a little time and the process takes time but radiator balancing really is easy!

Technical Terms

A run through of some of the technical terms used in the gas industry. The meaning of some has changed over the years.