Initially we were only doing gas boiler servicing and central heating work but now we will also take on regular plumbing work.
We've frequently been asked whether we can recommend a good plumber. It seems that good plumbers are in short supply.

Paul has 38 years of plumbing experience and a commitment to really good work.
We won't take on everything, but feel free to ring us and ask... 01297 678 517

So, for example, we won't take on full bathroom or shower room installations. There are many firms who specialise in those.
However, we will quote you for taps, sinks and wastes, slow-filling or over-filling loos and loos which won't flush, washing machine and dishwasher plumbing and garden taps.
We'll consider shower pumps, and some shower mixer valves, pressure reducing valves and hot water cylinders.

We work with unvented hot water cylinders too, both maintenance and installation. The best known of these is Megaflo.
Unvented hot water cylinders have significant safety implications so we've produced a separate page about them.

Swivel spout mixer taps

Mixer tap swivel-spout O-rings

Black O-rings on a sink mixer tap swivel spout

Black O-rings on a sink mixer tap swivel-spout

As far as we know, all mixer tap swivel-spouts have these two black O-rings

If you're having a new kitchen fitted, with new taps, or just having the taps replaced, check that the swivel-spout moves easily from side to side.
It should be easy to push it from side to side with one finger. If it's very stiff, ask your plumber or kitchen fitter to grease the swivel-spout O-rings. It should be simple to remove the swivel spout.
All that needs to be done is to dry the area round the O-rings so that the grease sticks to them, then apply silicone grease to the O-rings before refitting the swivel spout.
For some reason, some tap manufacturers aren't greasing these O-rings adequately any more. The result is that the spout very quickly becomes too stiff to move easily; this stresses and damages the O-rings.
If the tap is a monobloc (single tap-hole), trying to move a stiff swivel spout can cause the tap to become loose in the sink or work top. We've seen that happen two or three times recently.
All it needs is a little bit of silicone grease!


(28/11/2021) We'll continue to be as careful as we can. Jacky and I have had our booster jabs and our flu jabs and we're using lateral flow tests twice a week. Some of our customers are very vulnerable, so when I come to see you I will continue to wear a mask and use hand gel to try to limit the risk to those people.