Boiler Service Prices and Introductory Discount

Normally we charge £78 to service the first appliance and £48 for an additional appliance. However, until 31/12/2019 we are offering an introductory discount of £10, taking the price for the first appliance down to £68. More than that, if you refer your friends or family to us we'll reduce the price for your next year's service too (referral discount).
Where parts or repair work are needed during a boiler service they are charged extra but, if possible, we'll always discuss it with you first.

Neighbour Discount!

If you have a neighbour who wants a boiler service at the same time, we'll give each of you a further £10 neighbour discount. Just let us know when you ring to make the appointments.

We make appointments giving you an arrival time within a one hour time slot and allow enough time to service your boiler thoroughly and safely. Some boilers can be properly serviced in 40 or 50 minutes but others, like back boilers, may take well over an hour. Wherever we're working, we aim to provide the best service available and we'll be happy to answer any questions.
Boiler Services Ltd carries full public liability insurance and is Gas Safe Registered, No. 586915. We work with both natural gas and LPG and can issue Landlords' Gas Safety Record Certificates (CP12).
Take a look at our boiler servicing photos below.

Your Next Year's Service Price

You won't get the Introductory Discount with the following year's service but we we'll still offer you the Neighbour Discount if you have your boiler service done with a neighbour's.
And if you introduce friends or family to us we'll give you a one-off £10 Referral Discount on your next service for each new customer you introduce. We'll also give them the Introductory Discount. Remember, you must let us know the referral came from you or we won't be able to credit you. Ask them to let us know or tell us yourself. If you refer two new customers we'll give you two £10 Referral Discounts and so on. It's good for us and good for you.

Service Areas

BSL work in Axminster, Seaton, Chard, Lyme Regis and Bridport. We also cover the areas in between. As long as you're on gas, either mains gas (natural gas) or LPG, and there's place for us to park, we'll be happy to see you.

What We Do in a Boiler Service

We're happy to work with boilers of any age and have lots of experience working on new high efficiency boilers and old conventional boilers. Some of the boilers we work on are more than 40 years old.
What we do during a service depends on the boiler. We always check the boiler location, the combustion air supply and the design and continuity of the flue. We also measure main burner pressure or inlet working pressure and check flame picture and combustion ratio if the boiler design allows. If we can't measure the inlet working pressure or the main burner pressure, we'll do a gas rate test at the meter.
Many high efficiency boilers, like the Worcester Bosch Greenstar range, have specific servicing instructions. The degree to which the boiler is stripped down depends on combustion analysis results, measured with an electronic combustion gas analyser. With high efficiency boilers we also check that the condensate trap is not blocked and clean it if necessary.
Older, open-flued boilers like backboilers need to be stripped down during each service to be properly checked for safety. With open-flued appliances we strongly recommend that you have an electronic carbon monoxide alarm in the room. These are freely available for £15 or less from supermarkets, DIY outlets and pharmacies. It's a small investment in safety and most CO alarms last 5 years. Above all, when we're servicing, we aim to ensure your safety.

All newer condensing boilers are more efficient than older, standard efficiency boilers in terms of the amount of gas used. However, the savings with a new boiler might not be as much as you would expect. We'd be happy to discuss this with you. Rarely, during a service, we may find that the boiler is unsafe and cannot be cost-effectively repaired. We'll then advise you to have it replaced. This will always be an honest appraisal and never an attempt to sell you a new boiler.
Very occasionally we come across a boiler which is Immediately Dangerous (this is legally defined) and, unless the fault can be remedied, we are required to to disconnect it from the gas supply to make the situation safe.

Boiler Repair

Some boiler faults are obvious when we service the boiler and we may be able to resolve these quite easily. We will charge extra to do this and, if possible, we'll talk to you in advance.
Frustrating though it may be, intermittent faults can be impossible to find. This is particularly true with boiler faults.
Boiler parts have become very expensive and, with the increased availability of spare parts on the Internet, many local boiler parts stockists have closed down. A large proportion of the parts available on the Internet are cloned and the Gas Safe Register have made it clear that we can only use boiler manufacturers' original parts. Cloned parts have not gone through the manufacturers' required testing processes and may be dangerous.

We now recommend that, for boiler repairs, customers ask for a fixed-fee repair from the boiler manufacturers. The better manufacturers all offer this service for their own boilers, at least on boilers up to 10 years old. Fixed-fee repairs typically cost between £270 and £370, and should include all parts and labour necessary to rectify the fault. Some things are excluded so you must check. The manufacturers' own service engineers should be skilled in repairing their own boilers and are likely to carry all necessary parts with them. Their parts will all be original, approved parts.


The selection of pictures below will give you some idea of the range of gas boilers we work on and what we do during a service. If you hover your mouse over a picture it will make the image slider pause...


If you want some of the gas industry terms explained, or a bit of the related basic science, take a look at our Technical pages. It's optional, not required!